Orchestral/Large Ensemble

  • So-Called Unison (2018); wind ensemble (grade 2-3)
    • Commissioned by Charles Weise, Edina Public Schools
  • Ignite (2017); full orchestra
    • Commissioned by the Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association
  • Breathe (2016); full orchestra​
    • Commissioned by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
  • Regal Themes (2016); full orchestra
    • Commissioned by Jeanne & Rex Sinquefield
  • Summoning Fire (2014); wind ensemble (grade 5)
    • Commissioned by the Parkville Symphonic Band
  • Pick Up Your Sword and Follow Me (2013); wind ensemble (grade 2-3)
    • Commissioned by Kevin Pierce, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  • Ravish and Mayhem (2012); full orchestra adaptation
  • Ravish and Mayhem (2012); chamber orchestra

    • Written for the 2012 Mizzou International Composers Festival

  • Motive and Reflection (2011); full orchestra
    • Commissioned by Jeanne Sinquefield
  • A Study in Red (2010); full orchestra
    • Commissioned by Alex Innecco, 9th St. Philharmonic

Chamber Works

  • The Platypus Story (2019); flute, oboe, piano, narrator
    • Commissioned by Beth & Dick Wheeler
  • Mist Rising on the Red River (2019); clarinet, bass clarinet
    • Commissioned by Kelly Austermann and Emily McIvor
  • Who We Are (2018); 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, piano
    • Commissioned by Chamber Project St. Louis
  • Nocturne (2017); clarinet, horn, percussion, 2 violins, viola, bass
    • Commissioned by Chamber Project St. Louis
  • Freeway (2016); low brass ensemble and drum set
    • Commissioned by St. Louis Low Brass Collective
  • Three Prayers (2016); soprano, clarinet and piano
    • Commissioned by Diana Haskell
  • Graceful Airs (2016); arrangement of Londonderry Air and Amazing Grace for solo instrument and piano
    • Arrangements for flute & piano, and English horn & piano--other arrangements available by request
    • Commissioned by Beth Wheeler
  • Heralding Light (2016); brass quintet​
    • Commissioned by Nick Brown via the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
  • Clarinet Etude for Left Hand (2016); clarinet solo (left hand only)
    • Commissioned by Gabrielle Baffoni and Diana Haskell
  • Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Harp (2015); oboe, French horn, harp
    • Commissioned by Beth Wheeler
  • Knockout (2015); solo piano
    • Commissioned by the Kansas City Music Teachers Association
  • The Featherlight Ballet (2013); 2 oboes and English horn
    • Commissioned by the DDG Trio
  • Among the Laughing Stars (2013); flute and piano
    • Commissioned by Jeanne Sinquefield
  • Gateway (2012); clarinet and piano
    • Commissioned by Jeanne Sinquefield for the 100th anniversary of the Sheldon Theatre
  • Colors, Mostly Lush (2011); string quartet
  • Of Air Sweet and Water Deep (2011); flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, balafon, piano
  • Teachings, Learnings (2010); 2 clarinets and piano
  • Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (arr.) (2010); clarinet and harpsichord
    • Commissioned by Alex Innecco
  • Paper Guns (2010); clarinet, guitar, cello, piano
  • Two Voices (2009); clarinet and piano
  • Caprice (2009); clarinet, bassoon, 2 trumpets, horn, snare drum
  • A Piece with No Name (2008); flute, clarinet in pieces/bass clarinet, cello, percussion



  • Amber Waves (2011); electronic

*Sheet music for all music listed is available for purchase or rental.  Contact Stephanie Berg for details.

Copyright Stephanie Berg 2012.  All rights reserved..

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