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The Platypus Story

The Platypus Story follows the tale of various forest creatures, each belonging to their own bird, fish, or mammal group, who come across an animal that seems to defy categorization.  The story is adapted from the traditional Aboriginal Australian tale, which is one of the original stories of the Dreamtime.  According to Aboriginal Australian belief, all life as it is today is part of one vast, unchanging network of relationships, which can be traced to the creation and great spirit ancestors of the Dreamtime.  As such, the story delivers a wonderful message of strength in unity and beauty in diversity.
The music chosen to accompany this tale utilizes an expanded yet familiar tonal language that is evocative, charming, and quirky enough to match that strangest of animals, the platypus.
It was such a supreme pleasure to contribute the music to this work.  It is a tale about family, written for a family; the original performers of the work represent three generations of the Mann family, to whom the work is dedicated, and the godmother, commissioner the work, of the youngest.  The godfather—non-musician, but excellent wordsmith—adapted the text.  Not only is it an honor to work with such high-caliber musicians and individuals who are very dear to me, it is the highest honor to be included in such a personal creation.

Duration: 25 min.
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