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Rituals of Antiquity

Rituals of Antiquity paints a vivid picture of the celebrations of a long-forgotten mythos.  The piece depicts the haunting tones of a lone instrument singing praises for the earth, living beings, air, and sky, simultaneously showcasing the unique timbral opportunities of the e-flat clarinet.  “Of the Earth” utilizes the lowest register of the instrument, taking advantage of its naturally thin and hollow sound. The music of “Of the Flora and Fauna” also remains firmly in the lowest register, but is much more active.  The composer revisits previously used theme, taking the opportunity to develop it in a new setting.  “Of the Air” presents a simple, comforting melody that represents the familiarity of the space in which humans live.  “Of the Sky” is quick, light-footed, and employs the searing energy of the upper registers.

Duration: 8 min.

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