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A Justice for All

A Justice For All is dedicated to the life work of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In so many ways, the foundational ideals of the United States of America are aspirational.  The Founding Fathers bravely asserted that “all men are created equal” amid a time and a culture that did not reflect such a statement.  Throughout history, courageous individuals have sought to align our nation closer to this idea, seeking to create a fairer and more just world.  Justice Ginsburg rose in prominence as one of these courageous individuals, and she worked tirelessly to extend the arms of justice and equality to those that had not yet been reached.  In reading of her work, I was struck by her steadfast and methodical approach to enacting change, wielding a keen understanding of the justice system that guided her unwavering vision for a more equitable society.  This vision included a path forward that would pave the way for future progress and refinement.  Thus, I have dedicated three movements to what I see as the most fundamental aspects of her work: Vision, Diligence, and Legacy.

“Vision” is bright, aspirational, yet strong and well-grounded.  “Diligence” is seeking, contemplating, and ever evolving.  The movement ends abruptly, symbolizing how the pursuit of justice is ongoing.  “Legacy” opens sweetly; its sentimental tone takes a moment to reflect on the magnitude of Justice Ginsburg’s life.  The music that follows is warm, reassuring, and perhaps slightly pained, as her loss is deeply felt even as many seek to take up her mantle.  The theme from the first movement returns in its strongest form, heralding the triumphant ending, that though she no longer walks among us, her vision still guides us.

Duration: 11 min.
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