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Paper Guns

Paper Guns was inspired by Sarah Frost’s installment in the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis.  I tried my best to capture the exact thoughts that went through my head as I looked at Frost’s work and to encapsulate them into a soundscape that mimicked the overall mood it induced in me.  I was particularly intrigued by the concept of replicating deadly weapons out of fragile paper.  The pure white of the medium struck me as a sort of expressionless contemplation--an action devoid of any moral imperative.  Therefore, I built the piece as a very slow progression of harmonies with minimal melodic development for a meditative framework around which I’ve woven text that is directly inspired by the artist’s work.
The text of this piece was written by the composer.  They express the composer’s exact thoughts while studying Sarah Frost’s artistic installment, Arsenal.
Duration: 7 min.
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