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The Featherlight Ballet

The Featherlight Ballet, named for its effortless, fluid melodies and dance-like rhythms, was commissioned by the DDG Trio.  The first movement was designed as a stand-alone movement, intended to be a sort of “theme song” for the ensemble.  Quick, light-hearted, and declamatory, the movement contrasts strong, fanfare-like statements with cascading flourishes.  The second movement captures the natural lyricism of the oboe and English horn with a very simple two-note melody.  The second oboe provides the subtle, yet haunting alternation between major and minor modes, causing the texture to blossom into a delicate counterpoint.  As this new texture decays, the melody is transformed into a fast and rhythmic dance that pushes into the intense final movement.  All three instruments are locked together in rhythmic unison through rapid alternations of duple and triple meters that break away into smooth melodic sections.  The tension builds into a warm, syncopated hymn tune that heralds the return of material from the first movement, which swirls into the triumphant conclusion.

Duration: 10 min.

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