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Ravish and Mayhem

The inspiration for Ravish and Mayhem came to me randomly while driving on a long trip some years ago.  Perhaps highway hypnosis forced my brain to create some sort of entertainment, but nevertheless I was taken by the vivacity and virtuosity of what I heard.  The image that stuck in my head was that of a bacchanal-esque Arabian street festival, and I sought to encapsulate that energy into the piece through the triumphant fanfares and lively folk-style melodies that are presented throughout.  I imagine a person traveling from scene to scene, witnessing wild dancers, street performers, and amorous couples until the elephants arrive to announce the grand finale.  Many thanks go out to Dr. Thomas McKenney and Dr. Stefan Freund for their guidance in writing this piece, Alarm Will Sound for all of their hard work in preparation for this performance, to Jeanne Sinquefield and the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation for their generous support, and to the production team and everyone else who makes the Mizzou International Composers Festival possible.

Duration: 7 min.

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